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OFCORES is the international specialist in corporate and institutional events. Our team of event specialists will cover every angle of your project from event management, communication, marketing, sponsorships to technology integration. 

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Event management

Our team of passionate professionals use their international event industry expertise to create top-notch experiences, that exceed your objectives. 

  • Project management  
  • Destination selection & venue sourcing
  • Virtual studio provision for hybrid or virtual event broadcasting   
  • Hotel room management & negotiation  
  • Business travel management  
  • Registration, payment & invoicing solutions  
  • Sponsor acquisition and management
  • Event conceptualisation (in-person, hybrid or virtual events)  
  • Sustainable events  
  • Supplier management  
  • Exhibition management  
  • Awards ceremonies & management   



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Efficient Communication

Event communication


Create content and event engagement through a multi-layered communication approach that connects with your target audience.  

  • Online & offline experiences  
  • Event website development & SEO  
  • Social media planning, creating & management
  • Onsite social media marketing
  • Branding & graphic design
  • Audiovisual production 
  • Event mailings  
  • Media campaigns  
  • Advertising campaigns  
  • Copywriting (articles, newsletters & more) 


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Experiential marketing

Define the right strategy to create, live, personal event interactions that facilitate the optimal brand experience, connection and lasting loyalty. 

  • Create physical and digital interactive experiences
  • Create interactions between your brand and customer
  • Develop a strong customer journey
  • Total brand experience / packaging
  • Build a strong marketing strategy
VR headset and event marketing
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Innovative technology

Event technology


Our sophisticated digital solutions exceed your event attendee experience expectations. We use the latest technology trends to enhance your customer journey, reach your event objectives and automate your event management and communications processes.   

  • Top-quality virtual event platforms
  • Unique digital branding experiences
  • Real-time audience engagement features
  • 3D and virtual exhibitions
  • Virtual tours
  • Live-streaming
  • Online networking & matchmaking solutions
  • On-demand media library set up
  • Video integration services (video bumpers, interviews, intros/outros, etc. for online events)
  • High-end registration platform  
  • Facial recognition  
  • Event app creation

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